About Digital Culture

At digital culture, we provide market intelligence and market research services that create insights on market, customer and employee needs, satisfaction and loyalty.  We also put social business  in context and work with clients to ensure they have the right strategies and execution plans in place.

Do you need to:

  • Understand how you can be more successful in your current market or emerging markets?
  • Grow your business or become a social business?
  • Become a digitally knowledgeable leader?
  • Create a branding or marketing strategy?
  • Obtain world-class market insights and research?
  • Change your organization to be more open or participative?

Call us today at 914-234-3917 to see how digital culture can help your organization grow and transform!

Our Mission

We help you to reap the benefits of world class market intelligence and become a social business.

Organizations are transforming with respect to:  how work gets done; how business leaders lead; how products/services are developed and marketed; and how data are obtained and analyzed.  This is being driven by collaborative technology, access to information and adoption of social media. Organizations are evolving into social businesses.

Client Benefits

  • Reach new markets and customers
  • Improve innovation, market research and market insights
  • Provide responsive service and increase customer satisfaction
  • Improve employee/client engagement and satisfaction
  • Develop more effective leaders
  • Improve overall brand and employment brand image